Nanchang Lianfa opened a new website in both Chinese and English

Gong Hui

Recently, Nanchang lianfa machinery co., LTD official website ( has been revised to upgrade, and on February 18, is launched, the website edition correction aims to promote mediatek enterprise culture, production safety and the company research and development direction. A new website to show the image of company, products, information, maintenance, service as the main content, facing the social public Internet users a comprehensive display the latest development of mediatek and public information. Tonal and pure and fresh, the new web page not only conforms to the design concept of the current low carbon, environmental protection, and fit the current people thirst for nature color, this kind of design innovation, marked the transmission industry a development trend. Through a navigation bar cloth distinct, content, the core content in the form of pictures and text links, let the user more intuitive to understand products, more convenient for customers to browse. Mediatek has formed in the province of quality fault in 24 hours service in place, other regions (remote) 48 hours service in place. Mediatek new website online, will bring convenience and surprise to more customers, also believe that will bring different experience to the vast number of Internet users! Nanchang mediatek machinery co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in all kinds of mechanical products research and development, manufacture and sales as one of national high-tech enterprise, industry production supporting jiangling automobile light truck series auto transmission rear cover, differential shell, the farm machinery class power device, and series of clutch shell, torque converter shell and other components. The company is located in state-level nanchang small blue economic development zone. Company existing staff more than 50 people, including engineering and technical personnel more than 8, the total assets of 50 billion yuan, is the present domestic production shell class components mechanical transmission system of the main enterprises. Company has the domestic first-class, international cutting-edge all kinds of mechanical processing equipment and processing center, CNC lathe, cars, milling, grinding, clamp, such as drilling machine more than 100 sets. Has the provincial technology center and technology innovation center at the county level the patents of invention. Established a perfect quality management system and marketing services network. With the annual output of 100000 sets of transmission rear cover and 50000 sets of differential shell production capacity. With advanced technology, high-quality products, excellent service, mediatek machinery has become Jiang Xige lakshmi, Shanghai dragon industry, wood, ganzhou rings and other well-known domestic enterprises in zhejiang suppliers.