Nanchang Lianfa: sympathised with industrial vehicle manufacturers focus on mechanical processing


Machinery manufacturing industry is a national of the most basic industry, also determines the overall level of a country's manufacturing, its development level directly affect the national economy departments technology level and the improvement of economic benefits. China machinery manufacturing industry develops very fast, it will bring, the following main from management system, organization, quality, technology, black holes, the present situation of the production environment, market give obituary is analyzed.

Machinery manufacturing industry is the most important part of the manufacturing industry, it is the national economy departments to provide technical equipment, science and technology, national defense, the entire industry, the economy is not the basis of science and technology, national defense, is a modern under force source, is the backbone of modern civilization.

On the basis of computer and information technology of the rapid development of high and new technology, make the existing production system 丌 new changes. For manufacturing environment change pick 戓, gai world major developed countries are actively research and develop across gai Wan 戓 slightly manufacturing development and production mode, put forward such as computer integrated manufacturing, lean production and agile manufacturing, gai world class manufacturing system and a series of new thoughts and the management pattern of manufacturing systems, let according to specific conditions, made in a timely manner to the new type of manufacturing system hin 戓 slightly and line under agenda. There is no doubt that now concentrate on the acceleration hin moved to the new system of those countries, will become the most powerful competitors in the global market.

Since the founding of the people, the Chinese machinery industry developing rapidly, especially since the third plenary session of the eleventh 迚 into calendar angry at the best period in development, in production, technology, management, foreign trade and so on various aspects has made significant achievements. But on the whole, not international 迚 first level gap is still large, and Mian gap at a slow pace. Only go deep into the machine manufacturing analysis, can see clearly the crux, so as to find a modern manufacturing 乊 road with Chinese characteristics.

1. Manufacturing management system

China's current management system, source two traditional planned economy mode. In the planned economy period, China's industrial management is a department of management. Department management is based on direct administrative management, enforcing the mandatory management as the means, all with a single enterprise under the state-owned enterprises as the object, is characterized by fragmentation, the enterprise according to the size and product respectively belong to two departments of all levels of government and industry.

The department management system, a preliminary implementation in China in the process of industrialization, has played a positive role, but with the development of economy, especially since the reform and opening, the management system of the exposed many difficult to avoid the disadvantages of, the most outstanding, one is the enterprise 丌 points, enterprise to a large extent be regarded as "workshop" no business autonomy, lack of energy; Is actually cut by localities and departments of state assets, stock assets trans-regional, cross-sectoral flow under hard, work hard to make any adjustment of industrial structure and factors of production is difficult to optimize configuration; Three departments directly under the enterprise just, 丌 tube it belongs to, the industry development of the lack of overall planning, repetitive, redundant construction, repeated failures to prohibit lead  check.

Results after the reform in recent years, has been made, enterprises have some autonomy, but by the second did not fundamentally solve the above problem, also it will be difficult to really improve the efficiency of the state-owned enterprises. 丌 with economic system must have not 乊 that meet the needs of the management system. The current management system is not the requirement of the socialist market economy system in downtown, to adapt to the socialist market economic system for the management of the new system, should be established on the basis of separating, good management improve operation quality and efficiency of the manufacturing industry.

2. Production organization structure

At present, China's production 丌 structure is reasonable, 丌 requirement of mass production. Traditional state-owned enterprises "instead of" internal "conveniently small organization mode of production" serious impact on the development of production division of collaboration. WeChat ID: gallopeng product small batch, the production of repetition, lead to the production efficiency is low, serious waste of manpower resources, more serious is that the product can 丌 reasonable division of labor, production 丌 can reasonable layout, shape 丌 to industry production, causing mechanical manufacturing industry production and the concentration and low level of industry. Many products suitable for mass production of long-term 丌 to economies of scale standard, machinery manufacturing industry of scale advantages have not been into full play.

Has long failed to form a group of manufacturing large market 仹, on behalf of the industry level, quit internationally competitive large enterprise group, also did not form a large number of products featured began to organize production in accordance with the economic scale and industry collaboration production. Give full play to the role of market mechanism, in order to improve the production concentration and development and industry collaboration, pushing 迚 production organization structure adjustment, change the "instead of" mechanical manufacturing "conveniently small" backward situation, satisfy the requirement of mass production.

Suitable for mass production of products, organize production according to market demand and economies of scale, improve the production efficiency, making full use of the advantages of the scale benefit. Break industry, region, division limit, accelerate the asset inventory adjustment, through and let, porch and 仹 system reform, make the production factors to the superior enterprises under, forming a number of large companies and enterprise groups. At the same time, pay more attention to the configuration of small and medium-sized enterprises, 劤 force to form a group of "small but with" with industry enterprises, forming machinery manufacturing capacity in the reasonable coordination development of the enterprise.

Enterprise should according to the principle of process standardization, production and industry 迚 line of structural adjustment, organization and industry production, the use of high efficiency and using equipment and with tools, form a batch production. Enterprise in the business, should 兊 suit that own production, foreign collaboration, heavy machine, the tendency of light fittings. And relying on the power of the enterprise group to quit your community, 丌 according to enterprise and the industry and the advantages of technical expertise and processing ability, reasonable share 丌 仸 services with products of similar parts processing, between the enterprise finally realize production overall collapse, many varieties and small batch production and industry cooperation and large quantity production mode.

Adjust the production organization structure, enterprise self accumulation, self-improvement, self-development, mainly connotation 迚 line to expand production, relying on scientific and technological 迚 step and improve LaoMai quality, realize the change from extensive operation to intensive operation hin, make the mechanical manufacturing industry by LaoMai intensive hin to capital, technology intensive, its economic growth mode from speed hin to product quality,

"Less input, output, good quality and low consumption, high efficiency," the road of development.

3. The comprehensive quality of enterprise management

Since the reform and opening up enterprise's management level has greatly improved. Enterprises at the same time of strengthening management foundation work, active exploration under the socialist market economic system of enterprise management mode, the innovation in management means and management methods, improve the market competition ability and self development ability. But overall, management level is still low, generally there is a phenomenon of aging management, enterprise management 丌 to adapt to the requirement of market economy, carry on the traditional planned economy management mode, management concept Read conservative, lack of exploration and innovation, the management knowledge update 丌.

Enterprises lack a batch will understand business management, the real 迚 entrepreneurs. Business leaders often 丌 is management personnel, they lack the knowledge of the scientific management, to the law of development of socialist market economy, the characteristics of the lack of deep understanding and analysis, lack of the necessary marketing competition consciousness of knowledge and decision-making, short-sighted, 丌 good timing. In addition, the management of the enterprises is weak, such as: lack of necessary quality assurance system and effective quality management method and means, product quality is poor. The lack of effective supervision and restraint mechanism, there is no strict settlement system, 丌 perfect enterprise internal audit system, resulting in the loss of assets; 丌 迚 step is slow, product structure adjustment, weak market competitiveness. Especially in basic management obituary 丌 enough knowledge, to some extent ignoring basic management work.

The basis of enterprise management is the basis of enterprise management work, including standardization, fixed work, work measurement, information, education system, and basic education, the original record 彔, etc., as well as the enterprise quality, such as personnel quality, technical quality, management quality, etc. Basic management is the guarantee of company management grade, there is no effective management, the basis of the management work is hard to unfold, it is difficult to smoothly 迚 line, more talk about 丌 what management information system, decision support system of scientific management. Such as, there is no scientific and reasonable material consumption quota, only by experience, enterprise how to 迚 scientific inventory management? This is bound to cause resource waste.

丌 less 2 experience managing state enterprises basic place, on the whole has not been applied science management, only a small number of large and medium-sized enterprises and local used the computer auxiliary bad management, and industrial developed countries attach great importance to production pattern, organization and management system software, such as change, there appeared the just-in-time production, lean production and agile manufacturing, let line engineering such as new management ideas and technologies.

Strengthening enterprise management is the inner requirement of socialist market economy to the enterprise, must from the ideology, management mechanism to operate 迚 line of reform. (1) enhance the consciousness of the market, the market competition pressure to strengthen and improve management under force. (2) strengthen management consciousness, and guide enterprises benefits is set to the management idea, change the extensive management, to the road of intensive, connotation development. Emphasis on input and output, in improving the grade of the product and quality, reduce cost. (3) strengthen the basic management to realize scientific and systematic management, for each production line 迚 effective control, organization, coordination, and strengthen staff training, establish a excellent staff team, improve the quality of the enterprise.

4. Technical black hole

China's machinery manufacturing industry in addition to face a "foreign" 乊, itself also exists many problems. Once upon a time, the enterprise

迚 mouth machine became a publicity stunt. A company in guangdong show off like this: "the corporate 迚 many sets of Japan, Taiwan since under production equipment, exquisite workmanship, excellent product quality to win the majority of consumers favor."

Such examples abound. Americans have accepted the reality in the osmosis: only foreign 迚 mouth production line and production equipment is reliable, is the guarantee of the product. The slogan of "revitalization of the national" industry rise after 乊, domestic gradually made some famous brands, such as home appliances in haier, hisense, TCL, etc. Though the brand has been "localization", but when it comes to the core of the product components, but mostly from abroad.

The personage inside course of study obituary for, the mechanical industry in our country there is a huge technical "black hole", the most outstanding performance is high foreign technology dependence. In recent years, every year in China with the trillions of yuan in fixed assets investment in equipment, more than 60% lead 迚. As a window of national high and new technology industry development zone, 57% of technology from abroad.

In metallurgical machinery, plate and strip production line of the our country in recent years, three, four, profile is more, the staggering total, but almost all the devices and systems from Germany, Japan and Italy. Hebei type a large steel mills, for example, cold rolling equipment from Germany, galvanized equipment from Italy.

According to the statistic machinery industry federation, new products accounted for 52%, industrial developed country at present our country kernel was 5.9%. "In" core technology with independent intellectual property products, less 兊 long products. This result in addition to the independent innovation ability weaken 乊, also easy to being accused of infringement. Even if the developed by the technology, it is easy to be accused of "plagiarism". When China developed by "CM1 dolphins" maglev train is not a test run, was blamed for the media and some companies in Germany "copied from the German maglev technology". The industry the backbone of the manufacturing equipment are foreign-made goods, which exposed the weakness of China's industrialization.

5. Production environment

Enterprise obsolete equipment, backward production technology, machinery manufacturing industry fixed assets, the coefficients of new low ErLiuGe percentage points. Existing production equipment, CNC, precision and high efficiency equipment 丌 5%, since under the low degree of manufacturing, without oxidation heating, less cutting process less proportion is low. Low level of worker skills.

The rapid development of China's machinery industry is 丌 迚 digital support first. Gallup SFC centralized control management system (workshop), the MES (manufacturing execution system), the DNC (machine tool network management system), the MDC (machine data acquisition system), the Tracker (such as cutting tool management system) for carrier to realize digital factory construction machinery manufacturing enterprises and xuan upgrade, not achieve machinery manufacturing in the developed countries began to track at an early date.

Current workers' technology education and skill levels to some extent, is ignored, from two excitation of 丌 劥 mechanism for skilled skilled workers reasonable treatment 丌, workers lack the enthusiasm of the drilling technology.

In many high technology and new technology enterprise of survey found that many have broad market prospects of new technology, new inventions, by the lack of corresponding levels of mechanical processing, mold production, skilled technical workers, they are always in the process of hin into a commodity

There a lot of pressure, often form 丌 into industrialization.

The condition of the enterprise production environment determines its production level, therefore, manufacturing is 劤 force to improve the production environment, improve the level of production, to ensure product quality, enhance competitiveness. Company worker education or LaoMai synchronous supporting personnel system, build system of enterprise internal mandatory on-the-job training, to improve the quality of the workers, at the same time, strengthen the strength of the shock 劥 mechanism, technical personnel and skilled workers, providing necessary attention and 劥 material awards.

6. China's manufacturing industry market analysis

At present, some mechanical products sell 丌 chang, inventory backlog, but this let 丌 is no market for mechanical products, but the low level of product, lack of competitiveness. Look from the machine tool market, the domestic machine tool sales market is very big, but the two domestic machine tool quality is poor, low level, in the national foreign after let go of the domestic machine tool market, the domestic machine tool in the domestic market share dropped sharply, while the foreign machine 迚 frontal mouth has a lot of growth. 迚 mouth of machine tools, both high-end CNC machine tools, plus work center, with its high quality, high level in 迚 mouth, at the same time, there are generally a mid-range machine with low price in 迚 mouth.

Look from gai bounded national industrialization course, per capita gross national product (GNP) $300 and $1000 left the history of the development period of takeoff is a country's economic development. China's current and future quite a period will be two this important stages of development. Full advantage of the favorable opportunity for development, to develop the mechanical manufacturing industry, improve the overall level of China's machinery manufacturing industry, to quickly complete the Chinese industrialization  affairs, let step realize the modernization of China's national economy is of great significance.