Technological innovation equipment investment is the lifeblood of enterprise development


Enterprises to develop, equipment is hardware. As the saying goes: "one can't make bricks without straw". An enterprise's production, cannot leave the equipment. Although talent and other conditions for an enterprise is very important, but if there is no advanced equipment, have a good talent is useless. A product, no matter how good the early design on the drawings, did not match the production equipment, no matter how good the idea will not become a reality.

Enterprise pursuit of maximum benefit from equipment investment. In order to obtain more benefits in the same type of product, it is necessary to make the necessary labor time less than the social average necessary time. This is inseparable from the more efficient equipment input. For example, the mechanical industry from small lathe production years ago and now the development of large-scale machining center production process, the weaving industry from the early and now the development of hand woven knitting machine, sewing machine production line processing, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduces the necessary labor time.

Enterprises to pursue greater market equipment investment. Market demand for products is getting higher and higher, only the timely elimination of outdated equipment enterprises, increase investment in high-tech equipment, in order to cater to the product appearance, quality requirements of increasingly high market.

Enterprise scale expansion is inseparable from equipment investment. With the expansion of enterprise scale and the increase of product production, enterprises must increase equipment investment to meet the needs of production.

Before the extension of the enterprise can not leave equipment investment. Enterprise development to a certain extent, are generally not satisfied with the existing product areas. To the upstream and downstream product development of existing products. This requires the production of new products related equipment investment.

In short, in the course of enterprise development, whether it is to improve production efficiency and reduce the labor cost, the development of new products cannot do without equipment investment, only to increase the input of advanced equipment to enhance enterprise development, will become a pioneer of the company.